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Ways to improve your argumentation in essays

Argumentative essays are one of the most common essays that are given to students in their academic years both in schools as well as in college education. Argumentation is part of almost all persuasive essays, it allows the students to use logic and reasoning to convince the reader of the opinion or the ideas that they hold.

Humans have been using argumentation as a way to convince others or the arguments they propose or put front. It has also been used to put down, append, and challenge various arguments and ideas that others have proposed.

In academic essay writing, you have to style and structure your essay argument/s according to the essay prompt. The prompt can present a subject or a point of view and ask you to evaluate, synthesize, justify, etc.

These are the simplest of all argumentative essays as these essays prompt you to discuss either in support or against it.

The argument in question will already be established in the literature. Through your research, you will need to explore the salient points and use them in your argumentation.


Moderate essay arguments

The moderate level arguments prompt the essay writer to look at multiple arguments that take on a subject or a viewpoint. Here you will be tasked with analyzing and evaluating both sides of the argument side by side or one after another. You should be able to present the salient points of both the arguments before presenting your viewpoint or taking a side on the argument.


Expert level arguments

The expert argumentation level involves the reader critically evaluating and analyzing the argument or arguments. Even if the subject is singular it falls upon you to mention the counters to your arguments and provide your rebuttal. In the rebuttal, you should explain to the reader why your argument is the strongest one which they should agree to. 

Many expert level arguments focus on the writer providing to the reader with a synthesis on two or various viewpoints or arguments. The synthesis will provide a solution to the arguments, a middle ground that all parties can agree upon. This involves a comprehensive understanding of the various viewpoints.

The structure of argumentation 

The essay argumentation happens in the body paragraphs of the essay following the introduction. You will have for your essay various points and premises that you will discuss in various body paragraphs. Your job as the write my essay service is to guide your reader through either deductive or inductive reasoning to the final conclusion of the arguments or the thesis.

The argumentation for most of the essays will follow this structure:


Topic sentence

The topic sentence will introduce the premise or the argument to the reader first and foremost. The topic sentence should be to the point, allowing the readers to grasp the idea easily.


Background information/context

The premise should be explained to the reader by providing a context to the reader. However, in most of the essays, the topic sentence alone suffices. 



The supporting information should back up your claims and arguments, this can be a quote, a stat, observation, etc. It is best if you provide evidence from scholarly sources. 



Rather than only providing the evidence and moving on, it is your responsibility to show the reader why the evidence works to support the claim or premise. 


Counterpoints and rebuttal

You should know the counters to your argument in the pre-wiring planning process. After presenting the counters and explaining them you should show why they fail to undermine the main argument or the premises. 

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